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Welcome to Esther Anderson Network, the original authorized and largest fansite for talented Australian actress Esther Anderson. You might know Esther from her roles in Home and Away, Postcards and Breathless. Esther is also an official ambassador for Mazda, World's Greatest Shave and Pink Hope Foundation. This fansite is designed to bring you all the latest news, photos and exciting things relating to this Aussie star. We hope you enjoy the site and if you have any questions, comments or suggestions please e-mail us.

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April 23, 2012

My biggest apologies that there have been NO updates for the last week. I was in Melbourne for the Logies and then it seem one thing after another thing popped up this week so I’ve been unable to update. So, so sorry for the inconvience. What did you all think of Esther on the red carpet? How gorgeous did she look? WOW! And her beautiful mum too? Absolute stunner’s! I’ll be posting photos and video footage over the next few days but in the meantime here’s a behind the scenes look before the red carpet. Esther and her mum are featured at 3:53 in the video.

Author: Melanie | Categories: 2012 TV Week Logie Awards, Interview, Video
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April 13, 2012

The Logies are TWO days away. Keep voting! Let’s fill those days with as many votes as we can. We really want to see Esther bring home that Gold! So vote NOW! I do apologise in advance if updates are limited over the weekend as I’m currently in Melbourne and will be down near the red carpet at the Logies watching for our girl. I will try to get photos but just might now get them up until Monday but I will try hard to keep you update! But please KEEP VOTING!

Author: Melanie | Categories: 2012 TV Week Logie Awards
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April 10, 2012

Adam Hills, Carrie Bickmore, Hamish Blake, Esther Anderson, Asher Keddie and Karl Stefanovic. One of them will win the Gold Logie next Sunday night. This week TV Tonight speaks with all five and asks them the very same questions, starting today with Home and Away‘s Esther.

How do you rate your chances? “Slim. I’m so stoked that I’m not being called the “shock nominee” though! Last time people were saying “Esther who?” so maybe a fraction above slim!

Who is your main competition? “The other 5 nominees! Asher will win I think.”

Who is the dark horse? “Carrie Bickmore! Although the talented Adam Hills is due to win surely.”

What does it mean to win a Logie? “I’ve not had the honour so I’m not sure, but looking at the previous winners I would be proud to stand in their company, also I think my parents would be really thrilled and forget they spent all their money voting for me.”

What was the highlight of your 2011 TV year? “Definitely seeing how everyone embraced the Charlie and Brax storyline. It was quite amazing to see what kind of effect this story had on people, young and old. Ok admittedly it was mainly Brax!”

Why should viewers vote for you? “I’d be thrilled if the Home and Away fans chose to vote for me, I’ve had such amazing support over my years on the show.”

Author: Melanie | Categories: 2012 TV Week Logie Awards, Interview
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April 8, 2012

Author: Melanie | Categories: 2012 TV Week Logie Awards
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April 4, 2012

Logies fever is heating up. Have you been voting for our girl? Hope so! Be sure to call 1902 552 904 or text “Esther” to 199 52 900. There’s less then two weeks left in the Race for Gold so keep voting! And it seems that Esther is home and getting ready for the night of nights with her mum as her date! Small article was featured in today’s newspaper.

FORMER Home and Away babe Esther Anderson is taking her mum, Rhonda, instead of rumored boyfriend, Geelong captain Joel Selwood, to the Logies. Anderson, a Gold Logie nominee, said it was her mum’s turn to walk the red carpet after she took her dad two years ago.

“It was early in the morning and I said ‘Mum, will you be my date for the Logies?’,” she said. “Last time it was such a hard decision but it’s Mum’s turn and I’m so excited to share such a special night with my family.”

Selwood’s Cats will play the twilight game against North Melbourne on Logies night. Anderson returned last week from a two-month stint in Los Angeles for the pilot season. She described it as an “eye-opener”.

“It was an incredible experience and I felt very fortunate to have had so many Aussies around me,” Anderson said. “The best thing I did was go over without expectations because it’s pretty competitive and full-on. I had some great auditions and got great feedback.”

Anderson will wear an Alex Perry dress to television’s night of nights. “Alex is making me something – I had so much fun wearing his dress last time,” she said. “I knew along the lines of what colour and style I wanted.”

Author: Melanie | Categories: 2012 TV Week Logie Awards
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March 21, 2012

Author: Melanie | Categories: 2012 TV Week Logie Awards
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